“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.”

– Albert Einstein

We create augmented and virtual reality learning solutions to empower client engagement, train and inspire employees and add value to every point in your business cycle.

Using human-centered technological innovations we create immersive learning environments that increase retention, scale access, encourage practice, track progress and build company culture.

Contact us to evaluate your needs and leverage our Glimpse Group ecosystem of AR/VR developers, designers, and strategists to discover, prototype and launch custom solutions not available elsewhere.



The first stage of the training development process is DISCOVERY. In DISCOVERY we learn, collect data and clarify the opportunity so that we can sketch out the product and get buy-in from you and the appropriate stakeholders.


This is the second stage where we work in two-week sprints to build, test, assess and revise the product concept. During this time we release a usable PROTOTYPE for your review as we work towards a ready to go proof of concept.


During final stage of development the software goes live to empower your trainees in immersive learning. After LAUNCH our training platform will allow us to work with you to continuously enrich the training curriculum and keep the product up to date with new hardware.

Case Studies

3D Video in VR

I. Create 360 videos to showcase dynamic and interactive workplace environments

II. Integrate user controls to teach rare procedures and worst-case scenarios

III. Scale employee recruiting with minimal cost

IV. Evaluate cognitive skills in interactive and immersive experiences

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3D Models in VR

I. Build VR models of specialized equipment

II. Develop interactive scenarios ( ie. dangerous, costly or rare situations)

III. Train employees 24/7 without production downtime

IV. Automate coaching and gamification modes reducing instructor time

V. Track user performance, gather analytics, manage and improve training experiences

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Social VR

I. Build Social VR multi-user training experiences around specialized environments to enhance learning and team building

II. Engage multiple participants from both co-locations or remote locations

III. Place users in virtual environments that replicate real-world conditions

IV. Safely practice rare or stressful situations to learn how to deal with unexpected challenges

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AR Apps

I. Build mobile AR applications to provide live assistance from remote experts with camera feeds and connected headsets

II. Junior technicians learn from experienced workers in real-world situations

III. Increase utilization of senior technicians in a cost-effective manner

IV. Streamline maintenance checklists and inspection records

Social AR

I. Film instructor on green screen for Social AR

II. Engage viewers to live or pre-recorded

III. Scale engagement of participants from remote locations

IV. Place instructors and users in any environment

V. Document and share knowledge both verbally and physically at any time and any location

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AR Posters

I. Transform printed learning curriculum into interactive touch screens with AR activations

II. Continuously keep digital curriculum up to date 

III. Touchscreens activate video, 3D models, additional text and web links

IV. Users explore immersive learning at their individual pace

V. Track touch point data on user activity

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Hugh Seaton

General Manager

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Jessica Wade

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Saul Peña

Lead Developer

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Valerie Eakes-Kann

Project Manager

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